[Solved] Jittery, ghosting, jumping Frames

Hey everyone,

as you can tell from this topic’s title, I am not sure how to name this issue which is maybe the cause why I didn’t find someone other who already asked this question. So… sorry in advance for a potential double post.

I encounter a strange issue that I do not have within PIE, only in a packaged build. It is best described by viewing the following video. But keep in mind, that YouTube’s frame rate limitation already covers much of the problem. In reality, it is even worse.

The extend of these jittering frames decreases if I limit the FPS to a much lower value as demonstrated in the video. I don’t have this issue if I run the game in PIE mode.

Some Information:
The project builds on top EPIC’s shooter game example running on UE 4.25.4 with Windows 64bit as its target platform. Settings are optimized for Desktop & Max Quality without any custom settings applied.

Have you tried stuff like Vsync or frame rate smoothing?

I tried V-Sync and disabled GSync… makes no difference.
Reducing the frame rate only reduces the issue but does not fix it. Additionally, capping the FPS cannot be an acceptable solution, can it?

Try turning motion blur off and see if it goes away

Thank you very much. I didn’t expect it to be a feature and looked into a totally different direction :smiley: Disabling motion blur did the trick!

For whatever it’s worth, if you actually WANT motion blur on, then you can try adjusting the target framerate in the post process settings in order to get a better result.

I believe that by default it is set to 30, which as has been pointed out by people in the past, results in very aggressive motion blur when playing at higher framerates.