[SOLVED] Is your Lighting Build getting stuck at X%? Check this!

If this didn’t help you, please post below why
This fix could work for anykind of Project, not only Paper2D!

Hey guys,
I have been trying to create a Paper2D game for a while now.
But I have come upon the issue of getting stuck during Lighting Building.
I tried using only Unlit materials, didn’t help.
LPV, didn’t help.

If you wan’t to bypass this error, just add this Static Mesh somewhere into your game, it can even be invisible, or hidding in game, whatever you preferr.

After adding this component, no errors, no getting stuck anymore.

I hope I could help some of you guys until this error gets patched :slight_smile:

To clarify for everyone!
This does not only apply to the Paper2D games it applies to all current projects.
For me, I had to reimport the SM_Template_Map_Floor to be able to Build my Lights again. The other models that didn’t work for me.

I wrote a similar thread a couple of weeks ago explaining my thought process and what I did to make it work (sort of).
This is a huge bug in the current engine and must be fixed!

I would like to thank Stockbrot for the thread!
His explanation was great using just a couple of sentences.

I wish you good luck with your Paper2D game!
Yet again, Thank you!
// Elias Wick

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:
I will update the 1st post to clarify that this fix also works for none paper2d games!

excuse me . is this a joke ? its just a mesh and it doesn’t have to do with anything else . i might be a fool here but i used this “method” of yours . . . no result . . .