[SOLVED] Is there something to enlight interiors and exteriors the same (without light sources)?

I’m building a blockout level and I’m using level blueprint with execute console command “viewmode lightingonly”. This makes my demo feel more eye pleasing, less distracting and hides minor visual glitches.

My issue is lightning. I would like to enlight the entire level (interios and exteriors) equally - without wasting time on setting up light sources, I don’t really need them at this point in time.

Is this even possible? If not, any alternative ideas?


I’m not entirely sure, but I think that console command wont work in a production setting.

The skylight is the way to add light everywhere…

HDRI is a GL lighting solution that sounds like will do the job

Indeed. I totally misunderstood the idea of skylight. But after playing with settings a little bit, I was able to get what I wanted within a minute.

However, I have a strange problem. Lower sides of the geometry are black now, even though they use the same default material as everything else (WorldGridMaterial).

Any ideas?

There’s an option in the skylight:


You could also add a directional light and have its number of bounces set to 2 or 3 to get some indirect lighting to light those underside surfaces. It wouldn’t over-brighten the scene unless you set the Intensity to a really high value. Simply modify it according to the intended results. And set it movable, or at least stationary.

Bingo - it solved my problem, thank you!

It crossed my mind but the above solution was much more elegant in this case.