[Solved] iPad Virtual Camera Drifting Issue

Hey everyone,

I am trying to use my 2018 iPad Pro 11" (14.7.1) as a virtual camera (using the latest unremote2 app) in Unreal 4.26 but I am experiencing drifting issues. While placing my ipad screen up on my table, the dutch value changes 3-4 values every second, and my tilt value also changes but much better at 0.1 value every second. I am attaching a video at the bottom to help demonstrate.

Steps I have took to help further diagnose this issue:

  1. I have tested on my iPhone 11 Pro (14.7.1), which has a much better result. The dutch value is stable but the tilt value still changes every so slightly.
  2. Because of this I thought my iPad was broken so I replaced it through Apple, but still experiencing the same issue.
  3. I tested in other projects in 4.26 but still experiencing the same issue.

I am out of ideas here and I didn’t find anything helpful on Google. So any input or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Figured it out - removed my case and everything works now. My case has magnets on it so that might be the culprit.