[SOLVED] Howto Link a custom build with the Launcher


Maintaining a specific directory structure works:

  • UnrealRoot (Target Install Folder)
    • 4.0 (working copy of git repository)

There is only one executable of the Unreal Edtior although the launcher has downloaded the 7GB again.
It only changed the ‘Engine\Source\Runtime\Launch\Resources\version.h’ of the local git clone.

Feedback: Can you adapt the launcher, such that the user can give it the folder to the engine? The guys who build from source or who want to use more than one develop machine will thank you.


I have build the engine by source and everything is working so far. Now I want to download the Strategy Game example but when I click on the Marketplace button I got the message that I need the launcher.

So I did download the win32 binary files from my account page and installed it. It immediately started to download a 4.0 folder with the precompiled version of the engine but I want to use my source-code version.

I hoped that I only have to maintain a specific directory structure. So I uninstalled the launcher, renamed my git repository folder to ‘4.0’ and then installed the launcher in the parent folder of the repository. But it has downloaded the precompiled version of the Unreal Engine again.

Is there a way I can tell the Launcher where to find my engine?

I found a workaround to be able to download from Marketplace. Just cancel the engine download each time you start the launcher and then just start downloading what you want from the Market. The projects will be saved in C:\Users\Documents\Unreal Projects and you can just open them from the editor :slight_smile: