[Solved] How can a particle emitter component be oriented relative to world space?

I have an actor blueprint which contains the following components (listed hierarchically):

Static Mesh



The particle effect is turned off/on (in this blueprint’s event graph) when the player respectively is/isn`t holding the mesh.
I set the item/static mesh to simulate physics when dropped (it’s rotation is arbitrary), so I want it to be oriented in world coords.

I tried adding an orientation module to the emitter in attempt to lock it, but it seems the rotation of the particle’s parent (the Sphere) takes priority. Is there some place (in a component’s details or something) where you can set what attributes are inherited from the parent? In this case I only want to inherit the location of the sphere.

Thanks in advance for any info about this!

Edit: Nevermind. It seems this may be impossible via a simple checkbox in component details, but this person’s fix hooked it up for me!