[Solved] Capture2D rendering as trasnparent in UMG.

Hello, I was trying to do a snapshot action cam. I found the Capture2d and tried using it. but I seem to be having an issue.

The rendering is wierd. Where there should be wall, nothing is rendered and left transparent.

I have a render texture and I’ve sampled 2 images in the Widget for trying out numbers. I’m not sure what’s going on. I don’t know capture 2d and render texture well enough.


I don’t have a fix yet, But I did find that the material is working right. It’s getting it. So then I’m unsure why the UMG Widget isn’t showing right :frowning:

Solved, Apparently I needed to change the blend mode to Translucent.

credit to this person Render 3D objects in UMG Widget/HUD | EngineUnreal