[Solved] cant open source file error


As can bee seen in the attached image I have two Character classes, they are in the same folders, yet one cant find it’s .h file and the other can. If I use a relative path it can find the .h file.

Can some one explain to me (noob to visual studio) why one works and the other fails? Both were created in the UE4 Editor. Apart from the names they are identical with identical paths.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Rob-bb
the folder structure in VS and the folder structure on your harddisk can be different.
Please have a look with your Windows Explorer if the files are also on your harddisk in the correct place.
Best regards

Yes, Files are in the same place as VS shows them.

Is VS able to compile your project?
If yes, then I think the error comes from the Intellisense system, like described here:

I had been through that, and also setting up PCH. I have just re-generated all the visual studio files (Right click on the uproject file) and it is working. So must be a glitch. Thanks for the tips though, I would not have thought the flies might get messed up otherwise.