(SOLVED) Can't access update sun direction

hey, sorry if this is in the wrong area or anything, I’m new to this entire thing.
so I was working on a project and I attempted to implement a day/night cycle thing. Upon attempting to create one following this tutorial word to word: Day/Night Cycle Tutorial for UE4 - YouTube - I got stuck at the update sun direction setting. I cannot call it. Am I missing a setting? or is there something wrong with my UE4 build (4.18.3) I will attach a screenshot of my code, and me attempting to implement the sun update function.
Thanks in advance for any help!

UPDATE: I worked out how to fix it!
I decided to try looking in different versions of ue4 to access it because I knew it was 100% in certain versions. I went into the unreal engine 4.19.0 preview 6 build, copied my world for safety purposes so that I always have something to fall back on if using a preview build caused issues, but now I have access to update sun direction! I hope this helps people!