[Solved by Trial and Error] Particle System - Amount of particles different on android

Like the title states, I have a particle system that looks awesome on my PC, but when I export to Android to test, instead of 200 particles, it spawns about 15. The effect is a sparkle effect that goes across the screen, and so far the first Android test play seems to be “dumbed” down.

Bump. Not sure what to say other than what’s going on above. Is it an LOD thing?

Alright, this is my final bump before I assume no one can help, which would be crazy, IMO.

Ok, so I’ve changed everything I can think of… material quality, upping particles to an obscene amount, etc. It is very consistent that there is a limit to the number of particles on the screen on my test Android device.

I thought I had a workaround to have several emitters, but even with changing the initial start location in a range, the coverage of the particles is sporadic and less of a blanket of sparkles (particles).

I know it’s a limitation, and I’ve seen a few mentions to max cpu particles on android, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to override the max amount of particles to be high enough to actually look good.

Jumpin’ Jesus… I changed the lifetime of the particles to 1 second instead of 2, and now they are all showing up. Neat…

I’m having particles (niagara) spawn where there aren’t supposed to be any…

Any idea why the shorter lifetime caused more particles to spawn for your emitter?

I’m considering just removing the emitters (fire/transparency don’t work too well on mobile anyway) for mobile altogether. However I’m curios and will need to check. The lifetime is random between .8 and 1.25…

Sorry for the delayed reply.

I honestly want to say it was tied to the quality settings for the Android build. I’m using an older LG tablet for testing, and I think it was setting a maximum of particles on screen because the CPU was getting hit, and there is a target FPS of 30.

When I dropped the lifetime, I suppose it made it so “more particles” would spawn, but it was just clearing up processing power to spawn more, on time.

“Global Scale Rate” in Rate Tab must be off [https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/1010987/particle-emitter-spawning-at-half-rate-on-android.html]