[Solved] Blueprint Linear Color Value Problem

Engine Version: 4.1.1

When following the material tutorial, I’m unable to set the color for the material instance dynamic by clicking the Set Vector Parameter Value node Value, choosing a color in the color picker and click OK button, it does not set the color, save the color setting, or display the color. However, in order to set the color to make it work as a workaround, I have to create a Make LinearColor node and manually set the values for R,G,B there, and then it works.

Following this Material Tutorial:

Attachment List: First picture shows the problem. Second shows a manual blueprint connection workaround.

Guess it’s not a bug but a little confusion with the Saturation Value in the Color Picker that first comes up by default. Found out why this wasn’t working, it’s because the saturation level was wrong.

The saturation level should have been like this instead and then it works, in the video he slides the Saturation Slider, which normally you’d just pick a color and might not think about saturation, which in my case I didn’t.


If you toggle between Color Wheel and Color Spectrum to the other color picker method then the Saturation Level will automatically be set to the appropriate value and it will show as expected.