[Solved] bit confused with material instances

i’ve been watching vids saying MI were the panacea. that they were the holy graal for materials. but i also saw Spoer de Jong (hope not mispelling ^^) saying that MI were really giving a noticeable improvement only if you were using something like 1000+ textures in your production, which is rarely reached in a video game. So, the question is simple what is the benefit of MI apart of having real time changes in the editor. ty


The reason I use them is if your material is very complex and you’d like to have a simplified version of it where you can change a few things like base color, reflection map, normal map… you set them as parameters in your main material and then when you create instance(s) out of it you don’t have to find those certain nodes in you material layout but have those few changeable option straight “in your face”…
VERY handy!!

You’ll pretty much understand immediately why material instances exist the moment you want to make a change or add a feature to the glass (or any other type) surfaces in your game and realize that now you have to go through dozens of materials and manually add it to each one.

yes i think these things are more interesting on an ergonomy level. ty