Solo dev, "Axiom of Maria"

Hi. I got tons of solutions from the Unreal forum every time I got stuck. And this is my first post. I just want to show off what I have made as a solo dev so far.

Youtube link

@geez. How can I embed the youtube video?


Hey there @gefaltete,

Hope you’re doing well and thanks for being such a solid member of the Unreal Community!

The trailer/video you linked is brilliant. And managing to do all this incredible work completely solo is so genuinely impressive.
How long have you been working on this project if you don’t mind me asking?

Hope you keep sharing as the game develops. Can’t wait for the next update!


Thanks for being interested. I spent about ten months, 3000+ hours. I got a lot of help from this community and marketplaces.


Great job. Not easy to finish a game on one’s own!



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Making of “Axiom of Maria”

Making of “Axiom of Maria” #1
Making of “Axiom of Maria” #2

How can I Embed Youtube Video on the post or reply?


The First 18 Minutes of Gameplay of Axiom of Maria

Why can I embed the youtube video all of a sudden?


Axiom of Maria - Solo-Dev WIP: Shield Bots and Grenades


Work in progress: A heavy armored bot is covered with armor whose weight in total exceeds the output. It depends on mini jet engines on the back since it can’t walk. I can’t stop thinking about Timmy2022.


That looks incredible, I’m just amazed how much hard work and dedication people put into their projects and it shows! I hope my projects look just as amazing as this!!

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Looks really great and for solo dev, Wow, incredible. Good luck.

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This is honestly really cool. It gave me chills cause I use to play arcade games when I was younger and this gives off an old school arcade vibe with some modern action elements implemented.

Breath taking and EXCITED to see where you take it!

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Thank you so much. You are describing exactly what I’m trying to make.

Love your work my friend! I am also a solo dev. keep up your work it’s amazing

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Impressive work, but I really don’t like the title. It sounds like an hipster boring game, I was about to skip for that reason alone.

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I’m sorry about the title. I chose it for the meaning. I’ll keep finding a better one. Thanks for being interested.

Of course! I’m sure there is a meaning behind it, but it doesn’t convey anything in terms of action or the sci-fi setting. Even just “Axiom” would work much better.
Also, this satirical article might have influenced me: Stupidly Named Indie Game Would Have Brought You 300 Hours of Joy :rofl:


WOW! Great Work!

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I’m impressed. This work inspires.

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