Solid Volumetric Refraction

Apologies if this topic already exists but after some searching I can’t quite seem to find an answer.

Is it possible to create a realistic translucent refractive material that accounts for an object’s thickness? For example, with a translucent sphere, it seems to only be possible to make it look like a thinly-walled bubble rather than a solid translucent mass (like a prism) - which is what I’m after.

This is for architectural visualization purposes. The shape and thickness of these windows are very specifically designed to take refraction into account with respect to viewing angles and we’d like to see the effect in real-time.

I have a feeling this isn’t possible in Unreal after reading what seem to be somewhat related questions, but figured I’d ask to be sure. It’s obviously possible in still rendering software but hoping to be able to view in VR.

So, what you want is something better than these looks?

all those packs showcase “thin” objects, basically shells. the OP wants a solid glass object. for example a solid glass ball would fully invert the rays of the refraction, while the examples on those marketplace assets just distort the refraction as it nears non-view-perpendicular directions

Thanks for your replies - yes Chosker is correct. Attached a photo showing the difference (the second one is what I’m going for). These were actually made in Unreal apparently by a guy named Harry “deBug” Emelianov, so I guess I’ll try to contact him. Definitely not a UE materials pro yet, so hopefully it isn’t too difficult.

This is indeed a good question for the devs on raytracing portion of engine, if the rt implementation will take this into account.

PS: I know deBug, he is very accessible and I am sure he can give you directions

Awesome that’s really good to know - thanks Nilson