Solid-color texture optimization?

I need to fill 1024x1024 sized “hole” in my UMG widget BP, with a solid color texture (just a simple PNG image with color, completely uniform). So is it best to use 1024x1024 image for it? or should I make say 2x2 or 32x32 or even 256x256 and then scale it up in ue4 to fill the hole?

Which is the best way and WHY?

What are the effects?

Any help appreciated, thank you!

A 32x32 or 16x16 is often more than enough.
sometimes when you scale such a texture up you can see some artifacts but generally for just a solid color it should be fine.

But why? Doesn’t it require resources to stretch it when you could just put a 1024x1024 and perfectly match pixel for pixel?

a 1024/1024 texture is give or take about 1mb.
a 32x32 texture is a few kb.
rescaling a texture is just some very simple math, and costs almost nothing.

Thanks! :slight_smile: