Solar System Simulator - WIP


------------------ UPDATE 15/07/2014 ------------------------

Almost finishing the HUD implementation. I decided to do it nativaly with blueprints instead using html or java plugins (that imo still not a plausible solution for designers).

-Added planet names
-Add front HUD + button functions
-Added press “space” to begin
-Added begin game camera animation
-Added time/speed slider feature
-Small Bug fixes and implementations

The HUD Blueprint preview. It took me some time to built those.

Next step is:

-Implement the planet info panel
-Implement planet mouse click/hover animations
-Add buttons and scroller SFX

Special Thanks this time to Aaron, Jan and Peter (this is for u guys :p)

Thanks for considerations Jacky, I will improve those flares in a few days. Would love to get those vector fields :slight_smile:

no prob at all praesodyl

Nice stuff, Bruno :slight_smile: And always happy to help!

Nice HUD !

Nice work! I really like your Solar System Simulator!:smiley: Will you release it for download? And if so do you have maybe an idea when?

Helllllo Ghost, I’ve been off the grid for a while due a lot of work :frowning: but i had some progress in the Solar System, I will share it soon, it’s almost finished by now. And yes, i intend to share the project as a free content example to the community when i get it finished :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

Finally i got some updates here.

Created some material animation when you click the planets
Added the info boards
added a sound button
added quit button
other implements.

The latest dev package: Dropbox - Error

But still a lot to be made, as I’m working in other projects, I’m kind of busy to continue with it atm, so even not being ready, I’m sharing this project with the community, you can always download the latest version here (4.4.0 atm):

One of the things that I truly wanted in this project but it was beyond my skills capacity is a calendar feature, where you could fit the date you want and see the planets position config at that moment. Anyway, as i told in the first post, this was an experimental project just to learn UE4 tools, it was not intended to be commercially used at any circustances. if you want to help in this development it would be a pleasure to get your contributions. I appreciate everybody helps and I hope to contribute even more to the community. Have fun folks.

Good stuff, Bruno! :slight_smile: Loving the polish you’ve given everything, looks awesome!

Looks really great. Love the font too, which is it?

Thanks Mate :smiley:

The font used was Futurist Fixed-width. I had to tweak it a little bit because sometimes spacing it’s not symmetric. You can download it for free at

Cheers :smiley:

The UI is pure awesomeness! And thanks a lot for sharing this, Bruno. :slight_smile:

Fantastic work for a study project. Your Tutorials are very nice.
Thanks for your kindness.
Glue it was a very good hint!
Best regards Stefan

These all look great, UI is stunning!

Be a great help for our project too!

absolutely beautiful work!!!

sry but your dropbox link is down : “Error (509) : This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!”

could upload it another for example on mediafire or ?
thanks in advance.

Sorry for that, i didn’t know about dropbox traffic limit, I’m uploading atm to mediafire, will fix the link as soon it’s finished (3 hours est.).

Thanks for this Bruno! It looks like a great project to dig into and learn by example… :slight_smile:

BTW - Dropbox accounts still work for downloading, but you must be signed up for an account, then just add this to your account, and you can then download or sync it to your pc. Downloading now! :smiley:

The planets are looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see the missions.

Uploaded to mediafire, here are the new links, enjoy :slight_smile:

Full Project:

Dev Package: Feel free to give a try (not ready yet):

@brunogbrito: thanks for reupload and also for 4.4 version. good luck.