Software for Planets Texture Creation

Dear friend,

Does anyone know any useful program/tool/plugin to make Planet Textures?
I want to create a solar system with different planet but i can’t find a good program that let me create proper textures (i need one texture for the clouds,for the land etc,all for each planet in 2k or 1k).

If anyone know a good program let me know,


How about custom brushes in Photoshop?

Shameful self plug but you can grab a tutorial my company put out for materials

This is cool but not for planets themselves

Hope you find something :slight_smile:

Yep,i’m following that tutorial!!

In fact,i’ve posted here because i don’t know how to create those texture that are needed for the material (LandMask,CloudMask etc).

Thanks for the links by the way!!! I’ll give them a look.

Shameful plug worked… Purchased!


I purchased planet former on the marketplace… Not my favorite in terms of overall look, but it will help you get a sense of how its done.

Hope the materials & textures go well :smiley:

For the ground you can use either a tiling texture made in Photoshop / Corel something like

Or you can get textures like this

and loads of links here to



Thanks to all!!
I’ll take a look at all those link.