"Soft transition material"

Hello everyone,
sorry for title i just didn’t know how to title it correctly. I’m searching for a way to achieve the “softness” of transition between a shader and the environment, so that the transition isn’t precise but blurred. Is it possible? (it should be blurred just on borders posssibly not inside). Any help is appreciate if you need more explanation just ask. Sorry for my bad eng :wink:

Do you mean DepthFade?

Your Material has to be Translucent, though.

Ok about translucency but i dont think depthfade would allow me to reach that effect…im searching somethins that allow me to dont see exactly the shape of the mesh

Check out this article

thanks very much i will give it an eye and will tell you if it has been useful! Much appreciated !

okay i saw that link it will surely be useful to me but it was not what i was looking for. I need a material that is translucent just on border of static mesh (sorry if i couldn’t explane myself better previously)

Could you show a visual example of this you want to achieve?

Try a inverted Fresnelwith a high exponent and use this for your transparency.

mmh this sounds good…ill check it out very thanks mate this could be the solution

the black part can be everything near or far objects or background itself and green one is a cube mesh. The blurred borders is where you can see behind the mesh too and the central part is just normal.

Okie, it’s much clearer now!

Try PostProcess material in this answer

Graph might look a bit scary, but actually it’s easy to replicate!

sorry man for my lack of explenations

omfg it sounds BIG ahaha wow, hope it won’t be expensive as i think lol but tnx a ot it was EXACTLY what i was searching for, tnx a lot