Soft Source Radius: Why are my point lights specular highlights popping?

Hey All,

I am coming across a rather weird issue with point lights and soft source radius in UE 4.19.2. The level is 100% dynamically lit and I have lined the hall with point lights (non-shadow casting) with a high soft source radius. Depending on the camera angle, the soft source radius seems to disable completely, thus changing the lighting and revealing the fill lights locations. Take a look at the video below, has anyone ever seen this happen?

I’ve seen the same thing. When you have a large number of dynamic lights on screen Unreal will automatically switch to tiled rendering. Look at Light Complexity debug mode to confirm this. For some reason Unreal doesn’t render soft source correctly in tiled mode. Is that what’s happening?

Never really seen anything like this, it could be an issue with SSR, try changing SSR quality or you can try using planar reflection

Thanks for the replies guys! William, the number of visible lights seemed to be the issue. I adjusted their max distances and the issue went away! :smiley: