Soft shadows that should not exist

These ghastly shadows appear out of nowhere, I have been changing how dynamic lighting and shadows are calculated.
However when debugging these soft shadows (they should not exist), it seems that they are not static, dynamic, or AO shadows.

I do have a skylight and they are only visible when sunlight is turned on.
I have been trying to figure out skylighting.usf for some days now but doesnt matter what changes I make the soft shadows do not disappear.

I was hoping someone knows what casts these shadows , so I atleast have an idea of where to look :smiley:

EDIT: I discovered having a skylight causes these soft top-down shadows. Inside Engine\Shaders\ReflectionEnvironmentShared.usf float3 GetSkySHDiffuse(float3 Normal) returns a float3 wich determines the brighter skylight shadows.
How exactly that works I have no idea but investigating my options as of now.