Soft Shadows for sun

Hi everyone,
Is there any way to made softer shadows in sun settings without bias? (for sun moving process for e.g)
I looking for kind of ambient oclusion effect. Like… when you are outsite, and the cloudy sky cover the sun.

You’d probably want to use no sun, only skylight, but using distance field ambient occlusion for the shadows.

Or bake the lighting and use capsule shadows for the indirect shapess.

Or something in-between.

Thanks ZacD for your reply,
Ive try to activate skylight ambient occlusion, by toggling mobility to movable, and got that kind of results…

Make sure you are following the distance field guidelines in the wiki.

The mesh should be evenly scaled.

The mesh should be solid.

Check Show > Visualize > Distance Fields Ambient Occlusion - and make sure nothing weird is going on.

Thank you very much.
For now, there is only problem with primitives, They cast weird shadow, like youv seen on the picture. I will check ambient oclusion in the bigger scale.

Okay, its work, ive combine it with shadow res scale, and its work well for me. Thank you