Soft outlines in UE4 - Error in 4.21


you may know the great blog of Tom Looman, who wrote some articles about post process outlines in UE4. He wrote an article about how to create soft outlines but I always get a strange error when trying to implement the code into my project. Here’s the article:

I recreated the material function and the post process material a few times from scratch but the error remains and I can’t figure out why this happens.
I did it exactly like in the screenshots.

The problem is in the custom node and the compiler error already shows up in the material function (“error X3004: undeclared identifier ‘CustomDepthTexture’)

Did something change in 4.21 or did I miss something?

Thanky for any help on that subject and best regards,


That example by Tom Looman uses a custom node with hlsl shader code. There was a small change several versions back that means a few lines of his code need rewritten. I’ve never written hlsl, so that’s as much as I know.


Did you managed to make it work ?
I’m trying to have a soft outline but I can’t figure out how to do it…

Anyone’s help is welcomed…