Social Network Plugin (Facebook)

Finally, you can add social media to your UE4 project(win/Linux). Full Blueprint supported. Source code included. Tested on engine versions 4.9 and 4.10. Sample HUD Blueprint that demonstrates all Facebook functionality.
This version(1.1) includes the ability to integrate Facebook with your UE4 project. Additional updates will soon follow and include:
2.x: Twitter Integration
3.x Google+ Integration (maybe LinkedIn instead)
4.x Pintrest
5.x Instagram

A note about Login:
Facebook uses Oauth2 for user login. Because of this, you cannot just create our own login dialog. Social Network requests the login dialog from facebook and we must show what they return. Facebook also adds security checks to the Oauth login, so you will not be able to trick it–such as hiding the login and injecting the username/password into the input fields.
The Social Network plugin has it own custom browser widget (SNBrowser) that extends the existing UE4 browser plugin. Because of this, we are able to expose additional methods that are not available to the current UE4 browser widget. The SNBrowser widget is required when using the FB Login function. Take a look at the documentation for more details and images.


Since Epic is behind on adding Plugins to the market, we have made the plugin available on Sellfy:

Additional image of sample HUD Bluepring

Additional photo of User profile data returned from Facebook call.

Interesting. This could come in handy for social-based games I suspect.

Cool and superb. please add linkedin feature in future.

Yea, LinkedIn would be a good one, especially since the engine is being used for Real-Time ArcViz.

Thanks for the input. I had LinkedIn on the list, but I wasn’t sure if it would be useful. I will probably make it #3 on the list and bump G+ down.

We have a variety of social interfaces built into the engine. Take a look at OnlineSubsystemFacebook, as they have a full game API that maps to it. Google+ is handled within Google Play typically and we have another online subsystem for that. Twitter is done via a custom interface because they don’t have the full game API. Take a look at UTwitterIntegrationBase.

Did that before we wrote the Plugin for a project we are currently working on. Some of the interfaces are mobile only. Facebook does not have an official C++ or UE4 SDK (they do for Unity). The other issue is you cannot have multiple OnlineSubsystem. So if I want to use Steam, then I cannot add FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… I am stuck with a single Social interface.
I am not arguing with you here, but merely pointing out what UE needs to look at. I would have been happy to use an existing UE interface and saved a month of work.
Thanks for the input everyone…

That’s incorrect. When Josh and I did the refactor from UE3 -> UE4 we made sure that it was trivial to support many of them at the same time. It worked in UE3 too, but was much trickier. Now it’s just a matter of requesting the one you want by name, Steam, Facebook, etc. There’s a default that you configure but that isn’t the only one you can have, just the default.

Here’s some code:

Online::GetSubsystem(GetWorld(), NAME_Steam)…
Online::GetSubsystem(GetWorld(), NAME_GameCenter)…


First off I’d like to say that I love this plugin. it is well worth the $29 you have listed! Authentication with Facebook has never been easier!

So I wanted to build up a UI - and use the facebook profile image as an avatar image for our game… however I’m unable to do so with this plugin. I’ve spent the past 2 days going into C++ examples of cURL library, and downloadfileurl methods only to be drawing ALOT of blanks…

What would your suggestion be to the following workflow - unless there is a better method of accomplishing this?
1: Getting the url link for the profile picture using your plugin’s “GetProfileImg” node
2: downloading & storing the url image onto the device’s storage
3: ultimately setting up a parameterized 2dTexture that will use this local file asset as the image

Again - great work with this plugin! Happy as a clam :slight_smile:

Create an image Widget on the HUD. Bind the “Brush” of the widget to a variable of type “Slate Brush”. Then use the Download Image node to set the variable.

Or you could save the texture2D to file and then load it whenever you want. I prefer to set the image from the URL, this way it is up to date if the user changes their FB image. Take a look at Rama’s Victory plugin, he has a lot of awesome utilities for images:

I cant begin to tell you guys enough how much you’ve made my life joyous at the moment! There’s 22 days left till Christmas and I’m like a kid in a candy shop right now lol. You solved this issue and thank you SO SO MUCH! Screenshot supplied


I have been using this for a couple days now. It was so easy to set up. Had the demo working in 5 minures. Thank you.

I just bought your plugin, setup everything and it is working when i hit “play” on UE4 editor.
But i am getting an error when i try to package for android. If i disable the plugin and remove the GameHUD i can package again.
I am using UE4.10.1


You are hitting this error because the plugin only supports PC and Mac as of now. It does say “Supports UE4 Windows/Mac platforms.” on sellfy, but I will try to bold the wording.
Give me a day and I will see if I can make it mobile compatible. I have another person that wants to use it on iOS.

Add one more person that wants to use it on iOS. I will buy it if it supports iOS.

Sorry, i did not notice that.
If you can make it mobile compatible probably you will have more sales.

I am able to compile the plugin for Android, just not tested it on a phone yet–will test on a Note4 and Samsung S6 tomorrow. Can you send me your entire Log?
Also, check the plugin folder to make sure it’s not empty (Plugins\SocialNetwork\Binaries\Android\UE4-SocialNetwork-armv7-es2.a).

Hi, just send the log.
Sorry, but i dont know how to compile the plugin. I have VS 2013 installed by i never used it.
If you want to send me by email i can also test it.