Sobel Edge Outliner Effect for Mobile?

Hey everyone.

I am working on a game that requires a black outline around everything. I was planning on doing a post processing effect, and followed a few tutorials. Problem is, is that it is a mobile game, and the effect doesn’t display. Is there somethig I can do to fix it? Is there something in the config file I need to enable perhaps?

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Steven Walther Media

You could create a copy of the mesh, inflate, flip the normals and put a black material on it :slight_smile:

Edit: Like this.

outline 1.png

I’ve seen the above done once before and it was awful. I think ‘Guise of the Wolf’. Total Biscuit did a review funnily enough and he couldn’t let it go lol. Doubling polycount everywhere doesn’t seem like a great workaround to me. I’d be more tempted to go into the engine, switch to ES3.1 + AEP and turn on post effects somehow.

That, or fake it with a fresnel effect.

the inverted geo thing has been done a lot and a lot of times fairly successful. guilty gear xrd for example uses that method and the results look pretty good. double (probably not really double, but close - depends on the model) the vert count might very well still be cheaper than even the simplest outline PP.

The fresnel option might be the best compromise, but I’ve never been able to get an even hard edge with it.


outline material.png

If you have a really efficient post process method, Jamsh. I’d like to see it.

the Episodic Walking Dead game also uses the flipped geo technique

I always wondered if using a value like 500 in the power node or a very low number in the fresnel node is very heavy in the calculations.
Can’t you better use a fresnel with a value of 1 and use a valuestep node to get only the edges? This way your edges also will be sharp.