So, How do I go about getting a gif to play on a flat surface in UE4

The title just about sums it up, trying to get a gif in game, in a way to be able to be applied to a number of static meshes, or whatever I need to put it on, thanks for your time!


Im afraid UE4 is not that CompuServe compatible…
But if you lookup “Flipbook texture”, you may find what you are looking for… :slight_smile:


And here is some info that goes over how to create the flipbook in UE4 as Klaus mentioned:

and some more good info in this thread:



I remembered this thread but couldnt find it anymore :slight_smile:

Concerning FlipBooks, please correct me if Im wrong here:

  • Since the frames are organized in rows and colums (without dimensions), it is implied that the flipbook frames are square shaped.
    One cannot create a 16:9 flipboox texture (without letterboxing, the frame still occupies a square region in the texture).

  • As the max texture size that UE4 can import is 4096x4096, a one second “film” (25 fps) can only be around 800x800 pixels in size.
    Thus a 320x200 film (still occupying 320x320 per frame) would yield 144 frames, or 5,76 seconds, animation (per texture).

  • Daisy chaining flipbooks together to create longer sequences is possible, but questionable in terms of resources/performance…

Is this line of thought correct?


this isn’t quite right, the maximum texture size import supported by UE4 is 8192x8192, here is a pic.

however I think UE4 can only display it at 4096x4096 in game or something like that, cant really remember, the beta was a long time ago;)

also even though the max supported texture size is 8192x8192 you can import larger textures as you can see here.

I got 2 warnings, one about the texture not being a power of 2 and the other about trying to import a texture larger then the max supported size.


Here are the specs :slight_smile:

So we are both right :stuck_out_tongue:
8192 yes, but you need to modify an engine constant in the source code…


so we are:)

I knew there was something you had to do, just couldn’t remember what;)