So Can I develop android games with UE4 using my current low end PC?

think I asked this before however I am wondering something.

    Say I was creating a 2D Platformer or a RTS game, will my PC be suitable?

    Its Pentium G 3220

    4GB RAM and radeon HD 4870

    For the record almost anything I download from the marketplace and run when I hit play button in UE4 it runs just fantastic I get smooth frames even on EPIC. I am just pointing this out I don't actually have a problem running UE4 games they all run fine even though my system is pretty old. The GPU used to be a high end gpu back in the days so maybe thats why?

    But yeah considering this, say I was catering also for a android port with smartphone in mind, would you then say my system is more than adequate?

    Please note I am a student and just solo developing and learning. People are saying get i7 and all this drama but honestly I don't think these people understand anything because some of them recommended that the DX 11 integrated GPU in a i7 is better than my 4870 and I know this to be just wrong. My HD 4870 just destroys any intel IGP. So when people tell me I need a i7 or even i5 I tend to take it with a grain of salt honestly.

    maybe people are just not understanding how small the scope of my project is? when I download all those completed projects on the marketplace it runs butter smooth on epic except unreal caves demo that runs smooth on medium.

    As a student I am really short on cash and as such I would prefer no to waste money on something I would not use.

    My target is to basically develop a game you would find with graphics quality of Unity PRO engine. I am not even looking for the full power of UE4 at all, infact since I want to focus on android games I would think my system is more than capable? I mean come on guys my Nexus 4 is nowhere near my desktop no matter the fact that my desktop is old. I am pretty sure its more powerful tham my cellphone right?

I run it on a Core2Duo with a GT 9600M. It runs fine, all though I am not running heavy levels at this stage.

It will probably run fine for you as well, if you have enough ram (10GB +)…