Snowy storm Environment (particles)


I’m working on small environment scene from the FP template. I would like to create this… walking into snow storm environment. My question is
in which direction should i be looking. Do i need to attach the particle system to my player. Or do you spawn the particles faceing the camera?
So when you walk they always blow towards you? Does anybody have some idea?

2 options, Spawn it on player and follow him around. Or make the whole particle system cover your level and optimize it’s view distance by material.

When it is just a small environment I personally would place particle systems like it is done in the effects demo :slight_smile:

Hi, Thanks so much. When you mention Spawn it on a player. Did you mean creating a socket and attach the P_emitter to it. Using BP? I have been looking at few tut…
but it uses a GetMesh node. How does this work when using Particles when attaching to a socket? Can you perhaps give me soem more info :slight_smile:

Whatever works buddy. You can attach it to a bone, Or move it through BP. It’s up to you, Most natural one is to spawn it through a socket and build a BP behind it to support extra cases. Or to spawn it fully with BP by exposing it’s location to code.

Or just add it in the character bp in the component tab :slight_smile: -> then you can control it in your character bp

Yep that too.


I have got it working using a (socket) with some BP, but I’m having difficulties getting the Particles to show up. Like a real snow storm. I’m using the
particles from the CaveDemo P_hint_Blizzard. As you can see from the screengrab (right-side) they show up very well(cavedemo). But in my Environment they are hardly noticeable. I’m not sure were I should be looking if its in the particle it self or the material. Or are other things causing it not show up hardly. Any ideas/suggestions? Many thanks. btw the particles are there but you hardly seem them.

Place the particle system a little bit forward the player or scale it up to a big size, because particles will stay at their position when you move. Also make your level a little bit darker and check if you can see them :slight_smile:

Just Spawn it and follow .