Snowdrop is better than Unreal 4?

Snowdrop is better than Unreal 4? or Unreal 4 can be modified up to the rendering capabilities and post processing power of Snowdrop? or we should wait for Unreal 5?

Thank you

No one can tell you which is better since Snowdrop is not available.

How is this even relevant to these forums?

Do not feed the trolls.

Moving this to off topic.

This doesn’t look any better than UE3, let alone UE4.

It’s definitely an impressive engine but most of it comes down to how impressive their artists seem to be. There really isn’t much going on visually that can’t be done in UE4, there just haven’t been very many artists at that caliber doing things in UE4 yet. Also keep in mind that graphics fidelity does not make an engine good.

I don’t think , his question is ligitime, we can compare two engines right?
So i think With the great update of Epic like (3D Widget UMG & coming more) this 2 engines are similair, they are all node based scripting , i think you can make same thing but differently.

It’s pretty impossible to compare an engine when there’s almost no information about it, let alone having had hands one experience working with it.

Look at postcount, also he started this in wrong forum. And there is more stuff, for eg. we can see what unreal can do and can not, about snowdrop all we know is some marketing talk and promises that we cannot check. On top of this question is like comparing Ferrari car to Man truck. Both are specialized and made for different tasks. So “is going fast better than carrying more?”, his question is of this kind. Also unless he has millions, or works for ubisoft he will never legally see source of snowdrop. That is why i think op was troll post, but it fits in offtopic.

And snowdrop does not look better than unreal 4 at any point, just compare promotional videos of unreal to this movie.

How about Snowdrop has better lighting and shaders for starter?

To me it was a choice between unreal engine 4 or wait for either snowdrop engine or fox engine. All look really good when pushed to the limit

Will we ever actually get access to those though? Affordable access I mean.

Plus it’s hard to say whether it is actually better at anything without them running side by side with the same assets, promotional videos don’t always equal actual output.

In my opinion it’s not really possible to compare Snowdrop/Fox/Cryengine with UE4 (Unity is better comparison than those 3) because they are all focused on doing a certain type of game well, and don’t need to add in support for anything else. If it does look better it’s because they were able to save performance in another area, without access to the engine we will never know what it’s downsides are. Every engine has it’s own flaws, we just aren’t seeing the full picture.

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Unity is better than those 3 only when it comes to Mobiles.

The Division (Snowdrop) game has outdoors, indoors, large area, ocean, forest…all that running on console.

Sorry I was saying it’s easier to compare, not that it is better :slight_smile:

It isn’t likely that Snowdrop will be available for licensing to anyone else, and if it were it would be really expensive. It might not even be used by Ubisoft for anything but The Division. Most engines are only specifically designed for the one game anyways

Basically yeah.

A serious conversation about the technicals of graphics development and its progression into the future is always good. This is not that conversation. Comparing a public open source engine to a closed source engine that no one knows anything about is just silly. I understand the OP was just comparing graphics, but without an engine, that’s like comparing a movie to a wrench. It just doesn’t make sense.

I don’t understand what there is to compare. As most people already said there are no info, But even if there were info it’s like comparing 3ds max to maya to houdini to xsi to blender to modo and so on. It’s a totally subjective matter and depends on a few factors such as:

A: What you would like to develop
B: What you can develop
C: Do you have a proper workflow to keep up

As it was also stated in other threads and speaking by personal experience the 1 fits all doesn’t exist. Some engines are more user friendly, Other engines have better shading, Some engines have half of both etc.

So yea when someone gets access to that engine i will be interested to have this conversation, Until then cya.

In every developer forum of an engine, I see this kind of talk and real solid information of these compared engines seems to distort, sometimes even to absurd points because of hatred of anything that seems to be a rival to that engine/tool.

Here is what we know for solid: It has a great real-time GI system that allows all these things, running on a console with real time day/night cycles. No baking.

So like said. I can’t claim it is better but I can claim it is faster.

Here, decide for yourself.

And here is one of the developers talking quite a bit about it.

ALso I really want toget my hands on FOX and Snowdrop engine if it becomes possible someday :smiley:

Given the experience of Watch Dogs, that isn’t necessarily a representation of what it would actually be like when they try to get a game running for real

I don’t think any of us are trying to say that… UE4 has not been around all that long so the majority of us have used other engines in the past. I even recognize your name from the Crydev forums (there are a lot of us that used to be over there).

So when I say:

I truly mean it, I’m not saying it because I have a hatred for any other engine, it’s the complete opposite. The more engines available to us that are affordable is something I hope to see more of in the future, just like any software/hardware, having more engines means more competition, and there is nothing better than having companies trying to out-do the others. I wish these other engines were available for this reason, it would benefit everyone, even if you don’t use the new engine, competition forces companies to innovate to stay one step ahead.

The only problem with these discussions is they are usually posted by a brand new user who likely is into gaming, sees that one game looks better than another, and it turns into a “mine is better than yours” war of words.

Thankfully we have a great group of dev’s on this forum that handle these questions maturely so it rarely evolves into that, but I have seen this occur on the CE forums in the past.

How can you claim that? have you run benchmarks? All you are hearing it technical talk meant for marketing the game, we have no idea whether it will work as it’s currently being shown, Ubi has a history of doing this. :wink: