Snowdrop is better than Unreal 4?

I only see videos and talks. No real hands on.

dotcam: Yeah, that is me :smiley: And yes you are about right about what you say. It could be all phony balooney too like you said.

About the “faster claim” let me say it differently: If that thing is really using a well optimized dynamic GI, then it is “supposedly” a faster tool for development.

Yep that should cover things pretty much :smiley:

I saw it about Fox Engine, sorry its a French web site but you can compare Render/picture

The Cry Engine defies Kojima Fox Engine pictures

Kojima playing with us with the Fox Engine

Until they are available for affordable costs then it is a moot point really. Both Fox and Snowdrop are in house engines and unless you want to license them for 6 figure sums then I am pretty sure you wont ever get to see them close up.

No one will tell you Unreal Engine 4 is the best, because the community here is really mature. However, if I’m not that mature and I’ll tell everyone reading this, that UE4 is the “Best”. The world is very relatively one, but that includes all cons and pros… Everyone knows that more important is the person, not the tool. With that said… The only way to compare an engine for me is to create a lot of environments with the same contents in both engines. And even that is not perfectly unusable, because there’s always that little streak of luck in preset settings and the manual/auto settings.

And that’s my view as complete novice in all of this, but… I guess the people way more experienced are super bored of thread like this.

EDIT: As I can see… the person have made registration only for this thread. If that’s some cheap Ubisoft marketing trick… I would be very disappointed from them.

Plus they made an identical thread again just a few days ago (locked immediately of coarse)… I’m hedging my bets on ‘works for Ubi’.

meh to me a engine not only depends on whats under the hood, but how its handled

snowdrop and fox are in house and cost a fortune to probably even test it, unreal give us power out the box for bare anything. thats why to me unreal is a great engine, because its for the people and not some shiny collectible that only few will ever use

Is it normal or do i have an issue with my computer. I see that the topic of this thread is “***** is better than Unreal 4?”
Reading sarfios post :

I suppose that this is “Nothing is better than Unreal 4?” but i had a look in hidden words and didn’t find the word “nothing” in. I’ll do a report if i am not the only one with that.

I disagree with Sarfios about the mature part as i consider myself as someone really mat… Oh wait…

Anyway, merry off-topic christmas troll :stuck_out_tongue: and yes, imho : ue4 is the best \O/

My perspective on these issues is, and has always been, that even if Unreal were to be trumped by another engine technically, it still has never been beaten on the front of documentation and support from the community. Unreal has become so widely supported that solving a problem is usually as simple as googling it.