Snowday: Multiplayer Competitive VR Snowfight

Hey guys,
We’re super excited to be releasing our game to Steam Early Access on November 30th:

We started building the game about 6 months ago–it’s amazing how powerful the engine is, particular for networked gameplay. To play it, you’ll need an HTC Vive, although we intend to port it to Oculus and to PSVR by the end of June of next year.

The early access trailer is a bit old, but gets the basic point across. Instead of a standard teleport mechanic, we now have a grabbable teleport device that blinks you to where you throw it. There’s a lot of fine tuning we did to make the throwing feel natural, rewarding, and work across the network. Although we’re proud of that, we’ve still got a long way to go after early access; we’re excited to continue adding a lot more content to it. Please let us know what you guys think!

Looks fun to play, gg :wink:

Congratulations! Looks very cool :slight_smile:

Looks pretty fun!

Heh, thanks guys!

Thanks everyone! Just a few days away from release–getting nervous :smiley:

Contact me @ I can make a trailer for you :slight_smile: