Snow Particle Migrated from Epic's Cave not working in my project?

Hello everyone!

I am currently making a snow level and figured I would use the excellent snow particle effects from Epic’s Particle Effects Cave demo. I migrated them from there into the content folder of my own project but when I place them into the world they are not working. You can see that the effects are supposed to work because of the orange outlines etc but the planes are just empty and nothing shows up?

Here is a picture to show what I mean:

This is not only with this specific particle effect but with all the ones I have migrated from the Particle Effects Cave demo. How can I make them work properly?


Are they also invisible when you preview them in the particl system editor? + check if there us a material assigned in the particle system + what happens when you place them into a template map? :slight_smile:

Thanks for a quick reply!

Yup, they are unfortunately invisible in the particle system editor as well! I have checked the assigned material and the weird thing is that I can’t see any issues with the material itself. When I go to the material editor it shows up and works without any issues. The level itself is based on the first person template, all iv’e done is adding some blueprints and adding a landscape to it so shouldn’t be any issues with that. I will try if it works on a new template just to be sure!

Oh and here is a image from the particle editor:

Update: I just created a new project and migrated it again from the Particle Cave but unfortunately with the same result :confused:

Hmm, do you get any warnings when you open the project? - currently downloading the project so that I can test it :slight_smile:

Nope no warnings what so ever :confused: Oh thank you! Really appreciate you take the time to help me figure this out! :slight_smile:

Ok, now I know why you are not seeing them -> as they are translucent you cant hardly see them under certain circumstances -> e.g when you open a blank map + add them there (so without a light) you can perfectly see them :slight_smile:

Oh! That makes sense! What approach would you take to tackle this situation? Make the snow less translucent?

Yep, either do it with the translucency or you could also just connect the base colour of the particle (the lerp node with the white and blue colour) with a multiply + connect a constant 1 vector with a value of 3-10 with the multiply and connect everything with “emissive” :slight_smile:

I tried your solution with the multiply etc and it now works!! Thank you a ton for helping me out! :slight_smile: