Snap Hands to position (Bullet Train Example)

I am looking to create a game that utilises this method of snapping hands to locations of objects. I am looking for any good tutorials that show how this process is achieved, are there any resources on this topic?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Example pictures to illustrate what I mean :-

For the Rifle, the trigger hand is just rotated towards the front grip hand with something like Find Look At Rotation, once grabbed. It probably rotates the root bone of the hand mesh.
As for the Pistol, the slide is moved based on the hand position with a constrained limit. I don’t think there are physics involved at all, maybe for the shotgun-grip.

This is what I’m using.

Arrow Gun.JPG

I add an arrow to whichever hand I want to pick up the gun. If it is not lined up right, say if the gun is pointing the wrong way then I just rotate the arrow until it is right. You can see I have a camera attached to the hand called eyes. This is handy because…


I use the eyes to create a line of sight so when I point the hand at the gun it highlights it. The 10 and 100 going into the forward vector determines how far away I have to be to be able to pick up the weapon. If you already have your own system for picking up weapons then this is all you need to snap the weapon to your hand. If not look at the below BP’s

I use this to pick up the weapon and if you want the player to have a weapon equiped at the start I use the below.


Thanks for the reply guys, the help is really appreciated.

Tcla75, I notice you have something I do not. under your setup you have inherited movement ‘VRMovementReference (Inherited)’ what is this?
I am currently using a pawn in the default VR layout and there are no files corresponding to anything like this, I have an image attached below.

Would it be at all possible to have a scene to see exactly what your nodes are doing and what they are connected to? I Feel like there is a wealth of knowledge in this area I know so little about and struggle to make any usable function.


Id honestly recommend if you are starting something fresh, which sounds like it, look into the the grip plugin:

If you just want the hands positioned on the object, attach them (the mesh) to it when held at whatever rotation you desire, generally the hands are just visual representations of the motion controllers anyway. There really isn’t any need for you to do your own math or rotating if all you want is for the hand to appear locked at a point on the weapon.

I have been trying to get any useful information on how I might use the blueprints, but honestly it doesn’t seem to be relatable to the 4.14 VR template.
Is there not a way to use sockets?

As an example a sword having 2 sockets, 1 for the handle, 1 for the blade that the first hand connected will attach to the hilt and second to the blade for thrusts, as an example.