Smoothing cloth material

Hi there!

I’ve recently made the jump into Unreal from Cinema 4D and have been playing around with some cloth simulation.

I’m happy with the motion, collision and general behaviour of my cloth but I’m having trouble finessing the look - specifically you can still see the polygons.

I’m unsure if this is an animation or rendering issue (apologies if I’ve posted in the wrong place), but I was wondering if someone could shed a little light on to how I could ‘smooth’ the surface of my cloth. If I bump up the polygons any more performance starts to be affected and I’ve had the whole engine crash too.

I’ve also played around with the tessellation multiplier in the material but haven’t really seen much difference.

I’ve included a still highlighting the visible geometry as well as my material and cloth settings (just in case I’m doing something wrong here instead).

If anyone could help me get a smoother look with my cloth I’d be super grateful.

Let me know if I need to provide any additional information.

Thanks in advance!

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Actually looking for the same solution, but if you put some high value in Roughness of the material, it definitely helps but still cloth looks unrealistic.