Smoother Waves on Shore?


Finally got some good looking waves using Displacement Maps but I need to tone the intensity down because when they meet the shore it looks very odd.
I need to somehow make it so the waves get lower on shore and more intense on deeper areas.

First thing I tried was to lerp the Displacement Maps with a Constant using Depth Fade as the Alpha but it returns this “Error [SM5] (Node DepthFade) Invalid node used in vertex/hull/domain shader input!”

Any Ideas on how to get this working, if It’s even possible of course?

I’m trying to figure this out myself, but with an additional twist: I have a large open landscape using world composition, so I’d be super interested in any kind of algorithmic solution.

At the moment I’m going to try and use a texture derived from my height maps and have a blueprint update the texture appropriately as I move around the open world.

Sorry to necro this, but has anyone found a solution for this that doesn’t involve vertex painting?