Smoother Flipbook in a Material?

Recently learned about turning spritesheets into flipbooks to create animated materials. Made it to put onto my GUI to show collected items similar to Jake & Daxter/Ratchet and Clank with their Precursor Orbs/Bolts

However I still don’t know how many sprites I should have in the spritesheet to have a “smooth” animation.

[Current Spritesheet] (

[Animated Material with flipbook] (

I do see that there are some redundant sprites on the sheet however, I do not know how many columns/rows I should have. Anyone have some information on this?

Late answer for anyone reading it. There are two key things here: We would want to keep the number of frames as low as possible (the series is square of 2, 3, 4… x), to retain as much visual quality (read about texel density). Secondly, the number of frames also depends on what looks smooth for a particular animation. For any major change 8 frames are good enough. For smaller changes, you go lower. Its a subjective thing.