Smooth Zoom Actor Component Plugin

Hello and thanks for this plugin!

Since this is my first plugin to install i was not able to do it.

I downloaded the Binaries/Win64/UE4-SmoothZoom-Win64-Shipping.lib File.

In my Game Project folder i was not able to find a Plugins folder. So i made a new Folder called “Plugins”.

I moved “UE4-SmoothZoom-Win64-Shipping.lib” inside the new Plugins folder.
I restarted the Game Editor and looked in Edit>Plugins.

The SmoothZoom plugin does not show up.

I also did the same steps with the “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.14\Engine\Plugins” path.
No success.

What am i doing wrong?

My project is a 3rd person Blueprint project.


Hi Chris…

Join this Discord channel and we can chat about what’s going on… It can be a bit tricky, but if I show you on the screen that should help… I’m normally around if I’m not cleaning the house (its the weekend!), playing games with the kids…or shopping. <grins>



@c3d – I looked at your portfolio, quite nice!


Nice work, i’ve been testing it in my project and work like a charm.

Can someone tell me how to install this? I put it into MyProject/Plugins/ and named it “SmoothZoom”, clicked “Create plugin” then i restart it and got tons of errors.

After the walkthrough on the Discord channel, you are good…correct?


New version v1.3… No new functionality, just better crash protection…


Hello @teak421, hello @Community

I’ve learned to love your Smooth Zoom plugin. But with the latest compilation of the Unreal Engine (Nvidia / Gameworks Fork) there are problems. I get an error as soon as I connect the Node Event BeginPlay to the Set Spring Arm component. Do you or someone have an idea?

Error: Can not pass a read-only variable to a reference parameter (Screenshoot).

Many Thanks. Jan.

Exactly what the error message says. Assigned Spring Arm must take a reference, but you are passing it a copy.

…yes this is the error message, but how i can solve this Problem and change to a Reference? thx, Jan.

Hi there… I don’t think it has anything to do with fork you are using but I did add some checks with 1.3 to ensure that a spring arm was indeed connected. If not, the client would crash on play. Might be easier if we chatted, head over to the support discord channel: Discord and let’s chat. Heading to work in a bit, but I’ll see what I can do to break away… thanks!


Hello Teak, thanks for your offer. I’ll try to reach you the days. I usually have the most time in the evening from 8 pm. Gladly also with Teamviewer. Many greetings from Hamburg, Germany.

Sounds good! And greetings from … Fresno! <grins>


New version has been released. No new functionality, just updated to 4.16+ so we get no more decrepitated messages… Use version 1.3 of SmoothZoom for UE 4.14 and 4.15.


Tested on 4.17, no issues to report. If you find something, please post here. Thanks!


New version here: GitHub - teak421/SmoothZoom: Smooth Zoom Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26 – Improvement on when to fire… Should save a few ticks here and there. Thanks.


New version 1.40 is now available. This version allows you to set the defaults in the PROJECT SETTINGS under GAME. Additionally, I’ve built the binaries so for Win64 Editor users simply copy the unzipped file into your Engine Plugin directory for Blueprint only project access. Download here: Release SmoothZoom 1.40 · teak421/SmoothZoom · GitHub

Questions, please let me know.


Hello! Will current version of plugin play nice with UE4 4.18? Thank You.

It works perfectly… You will get an message saying if its OK to use, but it will be just fine. I’ll recompile shortly so you can not get that stupid warning message. Thanks.


Hi there, I tried using this plugin on 18.2.3 and it just would not work… Any chance of a recompile? Thanks :slight_smile: