Smooth Zoom Actor Component Plugin


The Smooth Zoom Actor Component plugin allows for easy creation of smooth camera zoom on any Actor / Pawn / Character that has a spring arm and camera component.

Head over to github here to download and review the Wiki for instructions on how to use: GitHub - teak421/SmoothZoom: Smooth Zoom Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27

If you have any suggestions / comments / support, please post here.

Thanks to @VictorBurgos and @anonymous_user_1e768cb4 for testing. Special thanks to Orfeas Eleftherior for guidance on this project.


PS: New version 1.50 is up here: GitHub - teak421/SmoothZoom: Smooth Zoom Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.27 <— New Version

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Can confirm, works like a charm~

Works great.
Will prove useful.

Please let me know if people would like to have a stream done for this… I’ll set something up if needed for those folks who are the beginner side of UE4. If interested, let me know. Thanks.



I would like a stream done, that would be very effective if you can. :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’ll schedule something for this weekend… Thanks for you interest and also if you have any suggestions on how to improve, please let me know at the stream!


Release 1.0 is up on GitHub. Compiled as Shipping instead of Development. Please report any issues here. Thanks.


New version is up… 1.1. Removes the multiply node… Check it out here: GitHub - teak421/SmoothZoom: Smooth Zoom Plugin for Unreal Engine 4.26


Super useful, one of the things I see myself using as default - Epic should implement this into the springarm.

Hi all,

Created a YOUTUBE video which talks about how its used… Smooth Camera Zoom -- #UE4 Plugin - YouTube



solved! just need create a c++ class in project and install plugin again.

Hello, I was try to install this plugin but I got “plugin missing or incompatible” message, and then “failed to load because module could not be found”.
I’m using 4.14.1 version and plugin is placed in plugins folder.
How to fix it?

Hi there… You did it correctly, I guess I should include that in the documentation! Thank you for bringing it to my attention! Good luck.


I was like. “I wonder what this is…”

And now I’m wondering why it’s not a default option or at least included in the Top-Down Template.

Awesome! And thank you Sir for showing us how to do this! :smiley:

Hello, I’m new to unreal engine and don’t know how to use this. I’ve put the folder into the plugins folder inside of unreal engine. But what know?

lol i just implemented a similar thing for my game using blueprints. But since i am new to blueprints, it was good practice and i’m proud of what i did… Nice to know there is a ready-made solution now :slight_smile:

What you did is the best way to learn!


Hi there…

Load the editor and go to PLUGINS under FILE and select the plugin and make sure its active…

If you are having trouble, head over to discord and hit me up… We can do a remote session too and I can help you get started. Discord



Awesome! really very helpfull and simple, good work!

A new version has been released with some minor improvements to the code…