smooth shadows problems

Hi guys, i’m new to unreal engine, I have studied a lot of tutorials about this great software but I have a problem with soft shadows around windows.
I bought a scene some time ago: an interior space, with nice soft shadows around the windows. I tried to recreate from scratch that scene but I can not get the same results around the windows, my shadows are sharp and not soft like scene that I have bought… And I don’t understand why, I used the same parameters in the spot light out of the windows… Can anyone tell me where I wrong?

What is the best way to get nice smooth shadows like vraylight? (i am an arch viz user).

Thank you very much in advance!

Hate to be wrong here, but your light is stationary. If you are using versions prior to 4.9, I believe soft area shadows are only possible with static lights (and set the Source radius to something larger than 0). Or you could use the reflector plane trick (check the free example scene on Marketplace).

Change your light to Static, stationary lights are for lights that need to animate color/intensity. Also, changing the radius/length will increase the size of the light and make shadows softer.

Thanks Guys, you are right! Thank you very much! :smiley: