Smooth Shading on Brush Surfaces?

Hey guys,

just a quick question: Is it possible to get smooth-shaded lighting on adjacent brush surfaces? Look at my example-image:

I cut the hole in the ceiling by using a subtractive brush and I’d like to get a nice round look of the hole. Lightmass however makes the single faces perfectly visible because it does not smooth the lighting out :confused:
I know that I could use darker materials for making it less visible or make use of static meshes instead of brushes, but in this case Iam just intersted if this could be done by simple brush use as well? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Hi Hackmet,

There is no option to smooth the faces on the BSP brushes. You would need to turn this into a static mesh and then export to a 3D software that handles smoothing groups.

Thank you!


Hey, thanks for the response!
It’s a pity but then I’ll just stick to static meshes.