Smooth out "Jitter" with Impulse replication

I’m trying to set up a simple multiplayer game mode just to teach myself the basics and I thought it would be fun to give the players Jetpacks. I’ve created a simple jetpack and everything works fine with the caveat being that the movement when you’re watching another player is a little “Jittery” rather than being smooth.

I’m hoping someone knows how to smooth this out.
JF JetJitter - YouTube

You can see the green arrow jittering when the player starts jetting.

Here’s my code:


I’ve tried adjusting the Time for the timer but this doesn’t make a difference. I’ve also tried setting it to use Event Tick instead of a Timer but this also doesn’t make a difference. Everything is smooth to the player but Jittery when you’re watching someone else.


Hmm… maybe it has something to do with the cube and arrow because now that I’ve swapped that out for a proper character mesh it’s hardly noticeable anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey @TorQueMoD ,

I’ve been recently dealing with smoothing replicated movement on actors and found this super handy node “Force Net Update.” Run this node after each Impulse and see if you see smoother movement. It works perfectly fine for me (Im using WorldOffset), so hopefully it works on the impulse.

Let me know if it works :slight_smile:

Oh nice, I’ll be sure to check it out!

Unfortunately ForceNetUpdate doesn’t seem to affect anything. I noticed that the jitter isn’t so bad when you’re standing on the ground watching someone jet, but if you both jet together at the same time it’s really jittery.