Smooth non-character network movement

After trying for months to get smooth networked movement for a static mesh Pawn, and the best I can get is using physics simulation and THAT’s still jittery with only 50ms ping, I guess there’s just no other way than to use a Character blueprint.

But then I have a problem. I need a collision body that’s wider than it is tall, and the Capsule component on Characters is inherited. So how do I replace that with my static mesh and its collision primitive as the Root Component of the pawn?

I can’t seem to find a Blueprint node that does this.

Hi, you’ll need to implement your own network correction and interpolation if you want it to work outside character.
You can create static mesh component in the constructor and assign it as root component.

How do assign it as root component in the constructor? I tried searching for nodes with the word “root” and “component” in their names but none of them set the root component of the actor.

RootComponent = YourBoxOrSmthComponent;

I found out on another forum that The capsule component can have its collision set to Query Only and then it will stop ignoring the collision primitives in the other components. I will have to try this out sometime and let you all know if it worked.