Smooth MotionController Thumbpad Movement (Blueprint, not totally a VR question)

I am trying to use the thumbpad on my htc vive motioncontroller to allow a character to move around, as if it was the left pad on PS4 (minecraft) or something.

However, for some reason the touch input on it is not giving me the motion I want. I can move backwards sorta, but not forward and left and right…Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Here are my axis settings:


and here is my blueprint (using the stuff from the VR Template)

Thanks so much guys! :slight_smile:

In SteamVR, try to right-click the controller image and recalibrate it. That might fix the problem

Ok, re-calibrated both controllers…I think its more than that…Do you see anything wrong with the blueprint & input control setup there?

When i put a print on the MoveLeft it goes from .7 on the far right (not quite the edge) to -.7 on the far left…moveforward doesnt ever return a value

Scott i think this page has a good sample on the thumbpad, even has a lil sphere showing you where your thumb is during testing. Might wanna take a gander at the blueprint they built.