Smooth DOF transition - is it possible?


Is is possible to make animated DOF in one shot? I am trying to make a cinematic where my camera is focused on an object very close to it but in next second I want to have nice and very smooth transition to object further away. The thing is no matter what I make, the transition is noticeable. I spend few days trying to tweak the values. Also I got some strange belnding with the sky. I got some thin ropes on a ship and they are completly blured from the sky. I was trying to increase the sky value but I dosen`t helpt me much. Any ideas? Tutorials? Is is possible to make such simple thing like smooth DOF transition?

This is very good reference:

DOF might not have enough depth information to get the result you want, it spreads the value across the max distance so if you’re looking at a small part of that distance then the divisions between blurring levels will be greater.

I made another approach - I made 2 postprocess volumes with different priorities and I animated to moev him away. The smaller PP volume has near dof, the outside, further. This is looking even worse than before. The transition is veeeeery noticeable. Strange that one of the cooles effect with the DOF is not possible in Unreal. You can point with Your finger where is the Focal Distance and how it travels along your scene. No solution for this?

Also there is a small bug - when You have just one PP volume and You lower the Blend Weight the DOF starts to act crazy. It is getting lower and lower (as expected) but by the end it cranks up the DOF to 15 value and then to 0. This is a bug for me.

I was trying few different approaches without luck. Btw. why is this happening? I tried to change the occlusion settings etc but the transition in the Bokeh itself is really strange. It is very noticeable. I have a ship with lots of lines and the sky is occluding my ropes. I changed the sky distance but it does nothing. Is it buggy or something wrong with my settings?


and another example of strange dof transition


Also my ropes are glowing like Christmas tree. I saw in the docs that the adaptive dof should help but I dont know what it is. No explanation, nothing.

This video shows what I want to make. Exactly the same effect:

Well, has someone any idea how to make smooth transition with the DoF (i am using matinee because this is a cinematic shot)?