Smoke trail particle

Hi all, I need your help

I need an animation in which a character is smoking so I need a trail of smoke. It is like making a trail and link it the bone, but what I have isn´t as a realistic smoke, I dont know how achieve it…

I don´t know if the trails particles support materials with textures. I followed the tutorials from epic and get the trail, but that doesn´t seems Smoke, the most I´ve got is what you see in the picture, on the other hand, I tried to mix for a test smoke test scene of epic, but I failed to display properly, so in the picture aren´t conected to the main node.

If you have any resources, assistance, book, video or anything that will help me I will be very grateful, thank you very much guys! :smiley:

The picture of my test:

Ribbon Particles! Ribbon particles generate sprite particles and then connect them together with a single contiguous material.

or use a “normal” smoke particle system, set it’s spawn to “spawn per unit” and attach that to a socket.

Thank you guys.

Yes Ribbon particle! But I used to call it “trail”, sorry.

Ok, I´ll try that… Anyone knows where I can find more information about smoke materials, or particles?


Sorry, I thought you were trying to use AnimTrails (which are different from Ribbon Particles; AnimTrails draw based on the movement of the particle system exclusively, while Ribbon Particles are spawned in the conventional fashion).

For smoke, what I would do is two separate things. I woudl use a ribbon particle system with opacity over life so that it appeared to make ribbons of smoke, and then I would also use something like the default SubUV smoke particle emitter to spawn moving clouds of smoke over top of that in the same system.

But how you do this is going to depend on the art style of your game quite a bit, and also the nature of the smoke (is it the kind of smoke that you would expect from a small fire or cigarette tip? Is it the kind of smoke you’d expect from a house fire? etc. Whether it forms ribbons of smoke or billows is going to impact which way you choose to create it).