Smoke particle change colour

I don’t know why, but I cannot change colour of particle. Changing color constant do nothing. I have ParticleColor in material editor.

Also this particle is rendering over all translucent layers (like always on top). How change it?


Fixed by adding light to scene. sorry, I’m learning


If I understand correctly you can change the color of the particles by two ways:

  • Directly in the Particle system go to Color Over Life node and change the colors on the curves tool or setting a numeric value. (P_Smoke_ 2014-12-26 17.21.59_1)
  • Change color in the base material Particle. (M_smoke_subUV 2014-12-26 17.28.26_2)
  • Try to change “Translucency Sort Priority” in the properties of the actor in the scene.

Hope that will help you!

Hey **thobias **.
How your progress?

It’s fixed as I wrote below. Thanks for ask.