Smart Bool switch

Is there better way to make checkboxes ?

Without annoying double clicking ~_~

The first checkbox determines whether a Material Instance overrides the Paramter and the second Checkbox is the actual value (boolean).

I don’t see what’s the problem.

If you ask me you should convert the boolean to a scalar parameter though.

I’m too lazy for check two boxes, instead one. And I know it possible, If I checked first row — nothing is changed and finally I was able to switching parameters by one [_], but when I changed default state of booleans, it simply not work.


Because then you have just ONE entry for “Angle” that you set by typing a number in rather than a series of checkboxes. It dramatically reduces the number of nodes you need to use and means that not only can you change the angle without having to wait for the shader to recompile but you can also do it at runtime.

You just have a scalar parameter with its min set to 0 and its max set to 360. Then just divide that by 360 and plug it into CustomRotator’s rotation angle.

lol that was in my first iteration, but I divided by 100, for whatever reason, of course it much easier and desired way, thank you much!