Small Texture Question Involving Performance

1- I have a large set of masks and VFX textures which most are from the size 32x32 to 256x256, and here is the question; which would be better for the game and impact the performance less: having a large 2048x2048 texture which have all these smaller textures or having the many single textures imported separately?

2- I have a texture which size is 2048x2048 which I will use a lot in the game, however some static meshes are quite small and will work with a 1024x1024 variant of the same texture, so which will be better and impact the performance less to use the 1024 and 2048 as two different textures or have one single texture of 2048 sized texture?

Hello usf,

To my knowledge it might actually be better to use the 32x32 to 256x256 ones, and try to use one master material with a few material instances for each different texture. this way, if one of the textures isnt needed, it wont be loaded into memory. that said, unless the master material is really complex for each texture, I dont think the gains will be significant either way.

As for question two, just using the 2048x2048 one will do.