Slowly decrease the text visibility

Hello everyone, I´m using UE4 for architecture purposes, so I create a famous house, and my idea was to create a text, as you can see in the image, and when the player collide a trigger box, make it disappear. Thats not difficult, but I would like to make it slowly disappear, like vanishing.

I tried to use a timeline, and a “toggle visibility”, but I´m not sure how to use the timeline in this case, or even if is the way to solve this problem at all.

Any help?

change the Alpha of the text, it should fade away to nothing, then remove it.

function is called “Set Text Render Color” feed the value from “Make Color”

There is at least 3 ways (without C++).

1 - use 3d Widget which allows you to animate it.

2 - use translucent material with scalar parameter for Text Render component.
There is default material in Engine Content folder named DefaultTextMaterialTranslucent. Make a copy of it and use as material for Text Render.

3 - use Set Text Render Color. This will require the same tranclucent material from 2.