Slow upgrades...

It sure seems like the marketplace is lagging again… They were doing great getting things upgraded to 4.11…but, this release has been much longer. What’s changed?


I for one, have been waiting 3 weeks now for Easy Input Remapping to be updated to 4.12, after submitting the 4.12 files. I did contact them a week or so after sending them, and there was an email error, but I have still been waiting since then. This issue is multiplied due to it being a plugin, which relies on compatibility. My other 4 packs were updated the same day to 4.12.

This highlights the importance of allowing sellers the ability to update their own files. Many times we are in the same position as Jamendxman3 explained, where updates were submitted but weeks go by before it is applied. This has progressively gotten worse as the marketplace has grown and will continue to do so until individual sellers can take control themselves and remove the need for a handful of staff members to process hundreds of compatibility updates on top of their extensive new pack submission queues.

Agreed! It would be really helpful if we could upload files directly and also make price changes directly in the backend.

That is probably not going to happen because one could easily spread malware this was

They could at least just let us mark our files as being compatible, or modify our descriptions.

The proposition I have made in the past is for them to only allow this for established, credible sellers. Those who have proven themselves to be reliable developers. That leaves them the freshmen creators to deal with, and doesn’t bog down the queues. I doubt the scenario you suggest would ever come to be. There is a very tedious process to getting on the marketplace, with some pretty strong barriers to entry. Of the people I have seen among our ranks, I don’t think anyone is going to troll the customer base with infected files.

Yet, I have a much greater pain to deal with. I have “promised” free monthly updates for my landscape pack, and it has helped me grow some white hairs so far. I wish the updating process was a little easier. :eek:

Honestly, even with the existing system which takes forever for anything to get through, does anyone really believe that Marketplace staff are able to comb through every line of code in a plugin to check the creator isn’t doing something dodgy? What about code precompiled into 3rd party binaries?

I don’t think this is a practical argument against allowing us to upload updates ourselves. The sooner Epic gives up on the idea of tight controls and curation the better, I think. There just need to be the tools in place to allow the community to filter out the junk and let the good products rise to the top. Which means primarily imprived rating system and search functionality.

Yeah, I can see how the current system can hinder that.

And just to go back to the malware comment, if developers were interested in doing that why haven’t we seen it in any of the numerous free content around the forums that isn’t vetted by Epic?

Malware and things like that are not an issue. They could always implement a automatic malware check or anti-virus scan or things like that before the files go public.

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People, process or product is what the issues are mostly. So, the issue is the process. Why in the world has the process been setup to fail? This makes the developers of marketplace assets look bad (because most people think THEY are the ones lagging)…yet, its the process.

Hire more people, get a better process… something.


I’m definitely missing out on sales as long as they don’t get the 4.12 version of my plugin uploaded.

It took about a week for my two packs just to get marked as 4.12 compatible even without any file changes needed XD Marketplace needs some work still for sure.