Slow seeming Replication and how to accurately test networking latency!?

Hi All,

Iv’e just done a first networking test to see how my replication setups work and see what kind of lag I get.
My test was with my brother in Sweden and the ping time (that’s roundtrip right?) is about 180ms.

We both recorded our sessions and used our computer clocks synced with atomic clock using this software,

When I then line up our recorded sessions and compare when the replicated movements happen they look really laggy even after taking the ping times into account.
I get around 500ms of movement/replication latencey. I expected to get much closer to half the ping time, as it should be a one way trip for the movement replication. (me as listen server executing the moves)

So I have a few questions for anyone who has done similar testing,

  1. How can I accurately measure actual lag? Is my method good with the atomic synced clocks or is there something more reliable?

  2. When playing locally from editor with two player instance there is no perceptible lag, should I assume Unreal does not add much at all to the travel time?

  3. Any suggestions for why I might be getting this laggy result over network, but not locally?